Wellness Makeover

Are you feeling tired? Bloated? Having food cravings? Mood swings? I’ve been there!  Let me help you! I help women like you to work inside out focusing on the whole picture including food, stress, sleep, fun, relationships, and so much more. Even time management and de-cluttering your life!

50-Minute Coaching Session

Expect: A super focused session on a topic of your choice. What excites you?  How can I help you make friends with food and love your body and your life? Do you need ideas for breakfasts? Dinners? Quick and easy recipes? Great for addressing specific questions, 6-month wellness program graduates, and those seeking support around minor diet and lifestyle tweaks.

Grocery Store Tour

Expect:  Get to know your favorite grocery store inside and out!  Don’t have a fav? Let me introduce you to one of mine! A grocery store can be a scary place to navigate with a plethora of choices that can get overwhelming!  I will help you weed out those seemingly “healthy” choices that make shopping difficult